Thursday, June 11, 2009

NY State Senate carnival continues

As I wrote about yesterday, the situation in the NY Senate continues to be a complete farce. And it shows no signs of getting better.

Today, Senate republicans, led by the downright deplorable Pedro Espada, tried to convene a session, only to find that the democrats had locked away any relevant bills and withheld the official stenographer.  After 30 fruitless and comical minutes, the re-thug-licans gave up and went home.

In addition, one of the dissenters responsible for the coup, Hiram Monserrate, is apparently having second thoughts and stated that he would not vote for any bill this re-thug-lican coalition brings up, and then left the chamber, leaving the repubs without the 32 vote majority they thought they had rightfully bribed for.  And in the background calliope music plays on... 

Listen closely, Pedro Espada and senate republicans:  What you are doing is embarrassing, transparent, contrived, petty, boorish, and a disservice to the citizens of New York State.  The problem is, our Governor seems to think his place in all this is to stand by quietly and disapprove from the sidelines.

Not me.  I'm fed up.  Our NY State senate has failed its citizens utterly and completely, and I am calling for a complete dissolution of the Senate, with new elections across the board in every district across the state.  Get rid of them all.  Every damn one.  The ones that have shown leadership and positive movement should, and likely will, be re-elected.  The records and behavior of people like Pedro Espada should be brought to light, front and center, and they should lose the right to continue to mis-represent the people who voted them in.

Anything less than a complete dissolution of this senate is unacceptable in light of the despicable activities of the last week.

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