Friday, March 19, 2010

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is a vile, disgusting, evil, horrible little gobshite.

Recently the Roman Catholic Church has come under a great amount of scrutiny for the sex abuse scandals that hav rocked the church, especially in Ireland.  Today, CNN has been running an expose on these incidents, highlighting the lengths the RCC has gone to to cover up the scandals and protect the priests in what has to be one of the more vile, despicable ongoing acts of criminal and abhorrent behavior in any organization over the last 75 years or more.

These are despicable, vile, indefensible acts... and of course no-one would be fool-hardy, grotesque and evil enough to defend the church... right?

Ha!  Obviously you've never met Bill Donohue, the grotesque little ghoul at the head of the Catholic League, a self-created and non-affiliated apologetics organization whose sole purpose is to advance the myth that catholics are persecuted, defenseless innocents.

Donohue posted an editorial on CNN in which he unbelievably, but unsurprisingly, takes the position of defending the Catholic Church, and once again reinforces the more and more common realization that the Catholic Church is a singularly horrible, overly powerful force for evil in this world.  I take on his editorial below.


OK... let me first say, could there be a more appropriate image of the evil, despicable Donohue than the one next to his editorial on CNN?  He looks like the RCC personified.

But let's get to the bullshit he writes:

Employers from every walk of life, in both the U.S. and Europe, have long handled cases of alleged sex abuse by employees as an internal matter.

Right.  The "everyone else is doing it, stop picking on us" debate.  And, notice he makes such assertions without a shred of proof or a citation.  He just thinks it, and then asserts it.

Rarely have employers called the cops, and none was required to do so.

Ah... I see the propensity for lying starts off immediately.  Employers are not required to call the cops regarding cases of sexual assault.  You lying piece of shit.

Thus it hardly comes as a surprise that Cardinal Sean Brady in Ireland did not summon the authorities about a case involving a priest in the 1970s. What is surprising is why some are now indicting him, acting as if his response was the exception to the rule.

No, Bill, you unfathomably evil little mongrel, we are indicting him for covering it up!  Whether it was more common practice or not it is still wrong and evil you vile little hobgoblin.

Selective indignation at the Catholic Church is not confined to Brady. Why, for example, are the psychologists and psychiatrists who pledged to "fix" abusers treated so lightly? After all, employers from the corporate world to the Catholic Church were told over and over again that therapy works and to give the offender a second chance.

It's hard to believe Donohue can go so completely off the rails so quickly... but What. The. Fuck??? Your defense of rapist, pedophile priests is that we should go after the psychologists and psychiatrists that treat abusers?  How the... what the... this is so batshit insane it restricts the ability to even respond coherently.  How about we'll just say that we might be able to know if therapy would have helped these abusers if they weren't protected and the abuse not covered up in the first place.  But as they just pretended that nothing happened, therapy was not necessary.  

 Had the Catholic Church simply tossed the offenders out, it would have been branded as heartless.

So failing to even OFFER such help or therapy, and then lying about it and covering it up was a better option?  You really are a fucking piece of work, Donohue.

There is also much noise about Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger -- now the pope -- approving the transfer of a priest out of his archdiocese in Germany for therapy. That happened 30 years ago. Again, he did exactly what virtually every other leader, clerical or secular, did.

That still doesn't make it right, asshole!!  And, are we still going to pretend like members of the catholic clergy are just like everyone else?  Are you going to try and make the case that priests don't hold a position of power and control over their followers that is far different from the general public?  That they are not in a unique position to exert extreme pressure and power over people?

Stop trying to make the case that this situation is the same as any other sex abuse situation.  It's simply not, and only an immoral asshole wouldn't realize it.  Priests are in a position of reverence and unquestioned authority.  They hold far greater influence over the people in their charge then in just about any other walk of life.  Stop pretending you don't know that, Donohue.  That's why this is different.  That's why it's so much worse and commands so much attention.

Anyone who maintains that in North America or Europe it was common practice for employers outside the Catholic Church to file a police report about suspected wrongdoing by their employees needs to put up or shut up: Where is the evidence?

Nice attempt at more deflection.  Define "commonplace". And, you made the statement that is was NOT commonplace, YOU provide the evidence.  You don't get to make outlandish claims out of laziness and then dare everyone to prove you wrong.  You're full of shit.  Prove otherwise.

And again, how does this in any way change the points I made above about why the CHURCH and its clergy are different.  Even if the claim you're making is right, it's irrelevant.

Beyond that issue, the focus on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is far out of proportion to the attention given by the media to the sexual molestation of minors when committed by non-Catholic clergymen.

This statement is just too disgusting to even address. I don't know enough curse words.  What an asshole.

According to a report by the New York Times in October, the Brooklyn district attorney's office had filed charges in 26 cases of sexual abuse involving members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Ahh... and now he shows himself to be an antisemite. How completely unsurprising.  

The next two paragraphs are devoted to Donohue presenting the case that Jews and Public School teachers are just as bad, but we don't give it nearly the same attention cause we love to persecute the largest majority in America. And frankly, I don't have the stomach for it.  

Bill Donohue, you are a vile, disgraceful, pitiful, sorry excuse for a human being and if you were on fire I wouldn't piss on you to put you out.

Lastly, the disclaimer from CNN:

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Bill Donohue.

Yeah... no shit.  There's an understatement.


  1. "Bill Donohue, you are a vile, disgraceful, pitiful, sorry excuse for a human being and if you were on fire I wouldn't piss on you to put you out."
    I would, but my aim is terrible.

  2. You know what they also always forget:

    That secular business and government don't present themselves as ultimate moral authorities.

    I mean, it's not that they can't, it's just not part of their thing, y'know. Businesses are there to do business. Government is there to govern. Teachers are there to teach. The Catholic Church claims to be about telling everybody how to live their lives.

    Of course, what they don't say is all they're really about is protecting the church's image, and hence its power, at all costs, even if they must defend child rape and blame the victims. If they can throw in some potshots at atheists, Jews, secular humanists, the glbts, and whoever else is on their shitlist these days, all the better.

    The longer this goes on, the more astounded I am to be asking myself: This is all they have? This is the best that a 2000 year old power whore from Italy via the Middle East can manage to do?

    If nothing else, that they're flailing around so blindly and pathetically brings a ray of hope into my black little heart that I'm seeing a toothless tiger needing put out of its misery.