Friday, May 22, 2009

Dice-K back on the mound tonight for Sox

WARNING!  Shameless Red Sox post forthcoming!!

Daisuke Matsuzaka climbs back up on the hill tonight for the Sox against the Mets.  The Japanese right-hander has been on the disabled list since April 14th with a "tired shoulder".  This after pitching a ton of innings for team Japan in the World Baseball Classic (we'll tackle that sham of an exhibition in another post someday).  Dice-K is dazzling when he's right, but even then he throws a ton of pitches, and even if he comes out strong tonight, it's only May 22nd, and there's a long season still ahead.  If his shoulder went south after a month of WBC play and two major league starts, how long before the grind of the regular MLB season wears him down again?  I hope I'm wrong, but count me among the concerned in The Nation.

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