Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I can turn myself invisible! But only when no-one's looking.

As a skeptic, it never surprises me to learn that the people who claim to have "special abilities" or psychic powers turn out to be either insane, fraudulent, or self-deluded.  But the cognitive dissonance displayed by some people never ceases to amaze me.

To wit:  please regard one Patricia Putt, who signed up to take the James Randi Foundation "million dollar challenge" to prove the existence of psychic or other-worldly abilities.  The test parameters are pretty clearly defined and agreed to by both parties ahead of time, but when Mrs. Putt failed the test disastrously, she of course claimed that the test was never fair and she in fact was able to prove her abilities.  It's really quite silly and fairly amusing.  Some people want so much to not be ordinary that they will delude themselves into truly believing that they have special powers... even when it is shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that they in fact do not.

She's not as bad as some of the others out there, though.  Charlatans who knowingly bilk innocent people out of money by proclaiming to have psychic abilities... those types are the worst.  Patricia Putt is merely self-deluded, I think.  These other types are truly despicable.  You know who you are... you don't have to go cross country to figure it out.

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